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Cynthia A. Mills

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Skilled, Aggressive, Caring.

When your family starts to fall apart, it’s easy to forget what’s really important to you. Emotional disputes, arguments over property or anxiety about child custody can cloud your thinking. Yet, this is the very time when you need to be taking legal steps to protect yourself and your rights. Now is the time to create a pathway to a different and better future. I understand if that sounds almost impossible to you in this moment – but it’s not.

You don’t have to do this alone.

For over 26 years as a family lawyer, I’ve been helping husbands, wives, moms and dads pick up the pieces and rebuild a new life. First, we’ll meet and you’ll tell me all about your unique circumstances. Afterwards, I’ll tell you honestly and candidly what your legal situation is – the good and the not so good. We’ll discuss all the options and choose the best strategy for moving forward. Then we’ll go to work as partners to get your life back together with as little pain as possible.

Experience is crucial.

There’s a lot to gain or lose when family disagreements turn into legal disputes. You’ll need an experienced family law attorney, not a lawyer who occasionally handles a divorce or other family issue. It’s crucial that your lawyer knows the intricacies of North Carolina’s complex family law statutes and appellate law cases and keeps up with those. My focus is on family law only. For well over two decades, my practice has been highly effective in securing positive outcomes in cases ranging from low-conflict, amiable agreements to contentious high-stakes complex litigation. I have a strong working knowledge of family law and I’m confident I can effectively handle any family law issue you may have.

Compassionate counsel and skilled, aggressive representation.

I understand the anxiety, worry, depression, fear, frustration, anger or confusion that a person struggling with family conflict feels every day. Both I and my staff readily offer empathy and compassion to our clients – we are a naturally supportive team. However, the most productive support I can provide you is to get a positive resolution to your legal issue so you can move forward with your life. I will be a strong advocate for you as we move together toward that goal. If we’re working toward an agreement or a settlement, I’ll negotiate zealously and skillfully on your behalf. If a trial becomes necessary, I’ll go to court determined to win on legal points and I’ll aggressively pursue that outcome.

What I can promise you.

When you’re facing divorce, you need an honest, dedicated ally to give you personal attention and skilled legal guidance. You need answers. You need a plan. You need a lawyer you can trust to protect you and fight zealously for you with integrity and professionalism. Each day, I strive to reach those goals and maintain those principles in my legal practice – and if you chose to hire me as your attorney, I’ll protect you with a promise of steadfast effective legal representation from day one until the end of your case.

Meet the legal team.

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(L-R) Laurie Whitesell, Office Manager; Jesse Miller, Administrative Assistant;
Cindy Mills, Attorney; Edward Hausle, Paralegal; Ellen Mumford, Paralegal.


Greenville NC Divorce and Family Law
Attorney Cynthia Mills

Your future will be determined by the legal action you take today! Insure that you take the right path and secure what matters most to you and your family. Let me help you through the uncertainty and emotional stress of your family legal crisis with skill, experience and dedicated representation. Email or call me at 252-752-6161.